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ATM Service:

We offer ATM service at our first drive through lane. We also offer worldwide service through the Pulse and Cirrus Networks.


Competitive Rates:

Check our competitive rates on CD's, IRA's, and Savings accounts. (Interest rates change on a daily basis, call (936)544-9661 for more information.)


Debit Cards

We now offer Visa® Debit Cards. Visit or contact our New Accounts department for an application


SecurLOCK Equip

Allows a cardholder to control how, where, and when their debit cards are used via their mobile device. Turn your card on or off with the touch of a button. Set location-based controls. Block international transactions or set spending limits. Download SecurLOCK Equip from your app store. It is fast and FREE


Mobile Banking

Convenience at your finger tips. Download Citizens National Bank's Mobile Banking App for your mobile device.


Google Disclaimer

  • If you wish to make a change to your login or accounts, please contact us. Username and password information may be deleted upon request. Information such as your usage history, account information, and banking activity will be retained in compliance with regulatory guidelines.
  • We will only accept, see, and delete data requests made through the Privacy Center website or by calling us at 936-544-9661. We will accept correction requests by email at or by calling us at 936-544-9661.


Mobile Deposit

Mobile Deposit is a service we provide through our mobile app that allows our customers to deposit checks electronically anytime and anywhere by using their smartphone or tablet device. This process eliminates trips to the bank, and checks can be deposited at any hour and any day of the week, not just during regular banking hours.



  • 24-Hour-Banking Convenience
  • Easy transfers between Checking & Savings
  • Banking made easy from any touch tone telephone. Call us at (936) 544-9000

Safe Deposit Boxes:

We offer various sizes of safe deposit boxes. Please call (936)544-9661 for more information.


Drive-through Location:

We offer six lanes of drive through service conveniently located on East Loop 304.


Fraud Protection:

Our first priority is to secure your accounts and personal information. Citizens National Bank will not request any personal information from customers via email or pop up menus. If you receive or have received such a request, please contact us immediately at (936)544-9661 to report the incident.

Fraudulent email activity is on the rise. Please beware and take the following precautions to avoid any incident.

If you do not recognize the sender, delete the email without opening it.

  • Be suspicious of any email that requests personal financial information and/or indicates a problem with your bank account(s).
  • Only provide personal information if you initiate the sign on process to your Citizens National Bank Internet Banking site.
  • Regularly check your bank and credit card statements to ensure that all transactions are legitimate.
  • Use virus protection and keep up to date.
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